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Steve Gilliard, 1964-2007

It is with tremendous sadness that we must convey the news that Steve Gilliard, editor and publisher of The News Blog, passed away June 2, 2007. He was 42.

To those who have come to trust The News Blog and its insightful, brash and unapologetic editorial tone, we have Steve to thank from the bottom of our hearts. Steve helped lead many discussions that mattered to all of us, and he tackled subjects and interest categories where others feared to tread.

Please keep Steve's friends and family in your thoughts and prayers.

Steve meant so much to us.

We will miss him terribly.

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Uncommon Sense: "Glenn Beck - Loser"

In more donut-rific days

Thanks to Uncommon Sense for this great cross-post!

Somehow, Glenn Beck failed to notice that he makes millions of dollars per year to express his opinions on television and on the radio. Despite the fact that one of this country's five corporate owners of the news media is willing to pay him millions of dollars per year for expressing his opinions, Beck says he's one of the people in America who "just can't win." Why can't Beck seem to grab hold of even a small part of the American dream? Why, it's because he belongs to the single most oppressed group in this country: the white, Christian male.
I just -- I'm white. I'm human. There are a lot of environmentalists that don't like humans, but within the humans that accept humans, I'm white. The majority of humans don't like whites. I mean, I just can't win. You can't win. And why is it? Because if you are a white human that loves America and happens to be a Christian, forget about it, Jack. You are the only one that doesn't have a political action committee for you. God forbid, I forgot that I'm also a conservative. I'm a conservative, which is not popular in America, but I'm a conservative that doesn't like the Republicans. I can't win! I've got to find one thing that I agree with, you know, the rest of the world on, I guess. I'm tired of being in that group. Conservatives get no respect.
Weep, America. Weep for Glenn Beck, who has achieved a level of fame and fortune of which most of the 6 billion people on this planet dare not even dream. The poor guy just can't catch a break.

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Uncommon Sense