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Fuck these people

Bitter Fish in Crude Oil Sea

Heh. Michelle Malkin is fixin' to destroy Amanda Marcotte, 'cause Amanda uses naughty words.

Michelle Malkin wrote this book:

So Amanda wins.

And it ain't even close.

UPDATE: Auguste takes care of the other nonsense. Though you do have to love this little bit from Mallkin:

***Updated/Correction. Looks like Marcotte's Katrina post is actually still available to the public here under a different URL. My bad. Or rather, John Edwards' bad. Because it's even worse for the Edwards campaign that its blogmaster left crackpot posts like that one up and hired her anyway.

Uh-huh. "Fake but accurate": the self-policing, self-correcting wingnut-o-sphere strikes again!

The biggest twit in this whole sorry spectacle is however Danny Glover, whom we have met before, and for whom we have but little use. Glover believes that this is the "First Blog Scandal of Campaign 2008," which it just may be, in the sense that he's pretending it is.

But whether it should have or not, this story now seems to have generated the kind of feeding frenzy that ensued among liberal bloggers when conservative Ben Domenech of RedState was accused of, at first denied and later admitted to plagiarism, costing him a high-profile blogging job at The Washington Post. Marcotte eventually may face the same professional fate.

Except Domenech really was a plagiarist, and Marcotte hasn't done much more than get fed up with the Right Wankosphere acting like psychopaths. It's not entirely clear to me exactly why the Duke lacrosse case makes wingnuts go bananas, but it does -- though it does not follow that anyone but them cares all that much about its minutiae. Though they're welcome to turn this into a Terry Schiavo deal if they really want to, as it worked out so well for them the last time, bless their silly little hearts...

But here's where Glover loses his marbles altogether:

One other footnote: Marcotte's behavior the past couple of days reminded me of something I discovered at Pandagon late last year when researching my New York Times article on bloggers who had gone to work for campaigns. One of those bloggers, Jesse Taylor, got his start at Pandagon before joining the campaign of now-Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat.

I reported Taylor's move when it happened in October 2005 and linked to his announcement at Pandagon. When I clicked back to Taylor's post in November 2006, it was gone and there was no sign of it in Pandagon's archives. I had to search the Wayback Machine to find Taylor's post again.

Did Marcotte, who claimed ownership of Pandagon upon Taylor's departure, scrub the site of his disclosure, and if so, why? Those questions came to my mind last fall but didn't seem worth asking then. They were just a curiousity.

Now that Marcotte has shown a penchant for deleting Pandagon content that causes her grief, maybe the questions are worth asking -- though I gather that my "whiff of accusatory tone" would just land any query I sent to her in the electronic trash.

Whafuck? Jesse going to work for Strickland would cause Amanda to be embarrassed... how? Usually for a conspiracy theory to work there needs to be some sort of motive -- sex, power, world domination, bacon. Where's the maguffin, Danny?

There is a lesson here for every blogger in the world, though: be sure your archives are in perfect order at all times, or Fauntleroy Glover will be getting all Woodward and Bernstein on your ass.

Excuse me while I blow my nose.

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